Conveyancing & Real Estate

As conveyancers, we facilitate the process of transferring ownership as well as other real rights in property, from one person to another. The prospects of navigating this process can be daunting, but with our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise, we can turn a bumpy ride into smooth sailing.

We assist our clients every step of the way and offer a turnkey solution for all aspects relating to real estate, from the conclusion of a valid deed of sale, to drafting and lodging the necessary documents at the deeds offices for registration. This ensures that our clients have a hassle- and stress-free experience, making it a joy to purchase property.

Conveyancing is the legal term for the process whereby a person, company, close corporation or trust becomes the registered and legal owner of immovable property and ensures that this ownership cannot be challenged. It also covers the process of the registration of mortgages and other rights.

We offer cost-effective and efficient service in respect of all property related matters, which include:

  • Drafting of deeds of sale (commercial and residential)
  • Property transfer and registrations (full title and sectional title)
  • Deceased and insolvent estate transfers
  • Property finance, registration of mortgage bonds and other securities (we are on the panels of all major banks in South Africa)
  • Commercial and residential developments;
  • Drafting of rental agreements;
  • Drafting of development agreements;
  • Drafting of business contracts;
  • Drafting of loan agreements;
  • Deed office searches;
  • Legislative and regulatory advice
  • Notarial bonds;
  • Drafting and registration of notarial servitudes;
  • Township developments;
  • Opening of Sectional Title registers;
  • Subdivision, and consolidation, of properties;